2008, Week Forty, September Recap

Monday, September 29: Home treadmill for 1.411 miles; no bike ride; no after-work Y visit.
Tuesday, September 30: Home treadmill for 1.665 miles; bike ride for 6.18 miles; no after-work Y visit.
Wednesday, October 1: Home treadmill for 1.516 miles; bike ride for 5.23 miles; no after-work Y visit.
Thursday, October 2: Home treadmill for 1.613 miles; no bike ride; no after-work Y visit.
Friday, October 3: Home treadmill for 1.751 miles; bike ride for 6.21 miles; no after-work Y visit because it’s Friday.
Saturday, October 4: Home treadmill for 3.3 miles; no bike ride or Y visit today because it was All-Day Open Stitch Class at the LNS.
Sunday, October 5: Today turned into a rest day, and that’s probably a good thing, since I haven’t had a full rest day since September 22.

Total distance for the week: 28.846
Distance from Bag End: 3388.467
Distance to Minas Tirith: 62.533

September Recap:
Walk: 46.898 (August: 43.165) +3.733
Bike: 198.80 (August: 256.92) -58.12 (7 days in a row off the bike during my FanFest vacation really shows here!)
Elliptical: 7.39 (August: 11.41) -4.02 (and the only times I hit the elliptical were on my FanFest vacation!)
Strength-Training: 3 times (August: 6 times) -3 times

October Goals: Improve each category—which should be fairly easy since I don’t have any vacations planned for October!

I bought a scale on Thursday morning (when I skipped the morning bike ride) for use at home. I've decided on weekly weigh-ins, and getting to the gym doesn't always work out. Also, having a scale at home allows me to not only weigh myself consistently on a particular day, but also a consistent time of the day, under more or less nearly identical circumstances. I've opted for Fridays after my morning treadmill time. Since I don't know how this one compares with the one at the gym (a $30 Taylor "Biggest Loser" model with digital display v a "doctor's office" type), I don't know how much my September loss was. But I've reached my first milestone of Under 250, and by enough that the scale at the Y would also be "Under 250"; I just don't know how much difference that one would show. So I'm keeping weekly records from this point on.

Next weekend is the Kick the Couch 5K, and I still haven't decided where I'm going to do mine. Probably here at home on the treadmill, since going outside always makes me want to ride and not walk or walk/jog.

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Melissa M. said...

I know I told you yesterday, but "WOOT!!" I'm so proud of you!!! :)