2008, Weeks 37, 38, 39

Monday, September 8: Home treadmill for 1.751 miles; no bike; no after-work Y visit.
Tuesday, September 9: Home treadmill for 1.901 miles; no bike; no after-work Y visit.
Wednesday, September 10: Home treadmill for 1.176 miles; bike ride for 6.32 miles; no after-work Y visit.
Thursday, September 11: Home treadmill for 1.763 miles; bike ride for 6.25 miles; no after-work Y visit.
Friday, September 12: Rest day.
Saturday, September 13: Home treadmill for 3.334 miles no bike; no Y visit.
Sunday, September 14: Spent the morning preparing for NCIS FanFest later in the week. No home treadmill; bike ride for 25.08 miles; no Y visit.
Monday, September 15: Home treadmill for 3.3 miles; bike ride for 5.98 miles; no Y visit.
Tuesday, September 16: Home treadmill for 3.252 miles. Spent the rest of the day preparing to spend the next four days at FanFest, so no bike ride and no visit to the Y.
Wednesday, September 17: Errands to run on the way to the hotel, so no exercise time except for the walking around the hotel. I could give myself about a mile for that, because my roomie and I walked about that far to pick up some stuff at the store down the street from the hotel.
Thursday, September 18: Elliptical in the hotel fitness room for 3.76 miles. Same brand as the ellipticals at the Y, but a newer, fancier model, complete with widescreen TV. FanFest activities.
Friday, September 19: Elliptical in the hotel fitness room for 3.63 miles. FanFest activities.
Saturday, September 20: FanFest activities.
Sunday, September 21: FanFest activities.
Monday, September 22: Recovering from FanFest and running errands.
Tuesday, September 23: Home treadmill for 2.524 miles; bike ride for 28.42 miles; no Y visit. I was going to ride up to Whittier-Narrows, but there's a work project which has a section of the San Gabriel River Trail closed just north of Beverly Blvd, and I don't know the area well enough to find my way through the detour, so I turned around and returned to Liberty Park.
Wednesday, September 24: Home treadmill for 1.26 miles; no bike; after-work Y visit for strength training. Four people at work mentioned my trimmer figure!
Thursday, September 25: no morning walk; bike ride for 5.14 miles; no after-work Y visit.
Friday, September 26: Home treadmill for 1.808 miles; bike ride for 5.51 miles; no after-work Y visit because it’s Friday. And a fifth person at work mentioned my trimmer figure! I guess it really is starting to show.
Saturday, September 27: Home treadmill for 3.53 miles; no bike ride; no Y visit.
Sunday, September 28: Home treadmill for 3.542 miles; bike ride for 30.12 miles; no Y visit. Decided I needed a little variety in my Sunday ride, so I headed north on SGRT to the Foster Rd bridge, then rode west on Foster/Gardendale to cruise by something I'd seen on the Tour de Sewer last spring. Then I continued on to Garfield, then to Imperial so I could cruise by the Columbia Memorial Science Center still under construction on a piece of former Rockwell Space Division (birthplace of the Apollo command modules and the shuttle orbiters) property to check on its status (I don't think it's going to be open by its advertised "mid 2008"!), then wound south and east and south and west and south and east and around El Dorado Regional Park and back north to Liberty Park. I once saw the earlier Columbia, the Apollo 11 command module, on display at Rockwell in Downey.

Total distance for the period: 149.371
Distance from Bag End: 3359.621
Distance to Minas Tirith: 91.379

If you've been following along with Melissa and Terri, you'll know that We Three Athenas will be participating in a sprint-distance tri on October 19, with Terri the water baby, Melissa the running bunny, and Yours Truly the wheel girl. Keep us in your thoughts, please!

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