2008, Week Forty-One

Monday, October 6: Home treadmill for 1.601 miles; bike ride for 2.61 miles; no after-work Y visit.
Tuesday, October 7: No walk today because I had to be at work really early. After-work bike ride for 10.18 miles; no after-work Y visit
Wednesday, October 8: Home treadmill for 1.917 miles; bike ride for 6.14 miles; no after-work Y visit.
Thursday, October 9: Home treadmill for 2.003 miles; bike ride for 6.21 miles; no after-work Y visit.
Friday, October 10: Home treadmill for 2.010 miles; bike ride for 5.44 miles; no Y visit.
Saturday, October 11: Home treadmill for 3.302 miles; no bike ride; no Y visit.
Sunday, October 12: No walk today; bike ride for 40.62 miles; no Y visit.

Total distance for the week: 82.033
Distance from Bag End: 3470.5
Arrived in Minas Tirith with Gandalf and Pippin, then popped back to Isengard to journey to Minas Tirith with Merry.
Distance to Minas Tirith: 558.5

Left work earlier than usual on Monday because I had to be at work 5+ hours earlier than usual on Tuesday, so that's why no Y visit on Monday and no walk on Tuesday. Having my schedule whomped like that threw me off the whole week, and I just kept going straight home from work and hitting the sack earlier than usual. It's also been really windy these last few days, and that's made the rides less than their usual pleasure, which is the reason I skipped the Saturday ride. At least I did well for the Kick the Couch 5K, going a bit past 5K, although the time isn't all that great. But then, I wasn't doing it for the time, just the distance. The wind has been pretty cold, so this morning I pulled on my cycle tights and discovered the fit isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I wore them for the whole ride today, although I did finally take off my windbreaker. I think I'll be able to use them for the Surf City 5K, too, if it's cold like this year's was.

It's also looking like we won't be doing that Tri after all.

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Lauralness said...

Hey Darla! It's great to be back. I'm just sad that I've missed so much.

Great job on W41! I like reading your updates.