Race Update

I looked through all the results for several minutes, making sure I'd found the highest numbers in both Overall and Female listings. It's kinda hard to believe there were fewer than 800 people in this event, but 788 is the highest number I found. Anyway, 378 out of 388 females, 765 out of 772 Overall, and 6/6 out of Females 55-59. Melissa, who's been at this longer than I have, fared better. She also found, and forwarded to me, a really dreadful picture of me at the River Ride last Sunday. No, I'm not going to share that one; you'll have to hunt it down yourself. My Chip Time was 58:07.0, which is about 4.5 minutes faster than my Stubble Time. Which, I think, isn't too shabby for someone who doesn't really train for these events.

Well, I'm off for a ride before it gets too hot. I also have one more errand to run for a cross stitch project.

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