Nearly Two Weeks Behind!

Yikes! But my BFF-N spent last weekend in the hospital with some cardiac issues, so even though I didn't pass up any bike rides, I did decide that spending some time with her was more important than posting an update.

Briefly: last Sunday was the LA River Ride, so I now have completed an official Half-Century (50 miles) bike ride! Thank goodness it wasn't a race, because I'm just not a fast rider. I also had an extended break with 18 miles remaining when I had a couple of guys at one of the Pit Stops make some adjustments to my rear wheel and rear brake after I had a spoke break. Monday became a total rest day, then Tuesday I made it to the gym for some upper-body work before stopping at the bike shop. Wednesday, with the bike still in the shop, I again stopped at the gym for some cardio on the elliptical, which made me realize just how much I miss those after-work stops at the gym!! I sure hope the new new guy at work learns the job faster than the old new guy (the one who was—ahem—"released" from service Thursday). Do you realize that with the URI at the end of April/beginning of May and with training people at work, I went very nearly an entire month without getting anywhere near the Y!!

And today was the Downtown Anaheim 5K with my dear friend Melissa, who came close to her personal best in spite of the health hazards of holding an event on city streets only partly closed off to auto traffic. My own unofficial ("gun") time was a fraction under 59 minutes, a personal best for me and my first finish in under a full hour! I even got in a few seconds of what she calls "wogging," which is not quite jogging, but a bit beyond walking. Not too shabby, considering that I hadn't actually done any training for this event and have been quite the slacker with respect to getting out of bed and onto the treadmill!

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