Endeavour's Homecoming

I drove to the Norwalk Green Line Metro station, unloaded the Black Pearl, and took the Green Line, with the Black Pearl to the Mariposa station, which is the first stop after the LAX shuttle/Aviation Blvd stop (and the stop right on top of the Kings' practice rink). I chose to ride up Mariposa rather than Imperial Hwy because I thought a paralleling side street would be a better option.

Mariposa can be quite hilly!

Immense gratitude to the City of El Segundo and their police and fire departments and parks and recreation department!!

First pass inbound across LAX.

Also the first pass.
Second pass across LAX, headed out to sea before coming around for landing.
Last pass, again.
And again.
And again.
Taxiing off the runway and headed to the Boeing hangar.
Headed to the Boeing hangar.
Making the turn in front of the Boeing hangar.
I have more in video, but the videos need to be converted from QuickTime.
Let's try a little YouTubery for the post-landing rollout.

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