Just Like Starting Over

I transferred my gym membership from 24-Hour Fitness to Planet Fitness. No pool, but I wasn't using the pool anyway! Did that yesterday afternoon online...well, the signing up for Planet Fitness was done online; when I went to the "cancel" page on the 24-Hour Fitness website, I had to call!

So today I stopped on the way home. It really is more convenient, since PF is in a center that's right against the freeway, with easy off/easy on options, as well as easy to take the streets home. I opted for the more expensive choice, since that gives me access to all the PF facilities. Even so, it's $15 per month less than the other club.

Since I've lost track of where I was on the Walk to Rivendell, I'll just start over. And so today's (exhausting) 10 minutes on the elliptical has me traveling a whopping .52 mile! I don't think that even gets me out of Hobbiton! Baby steps; I really am starting over, and horribly out of shape. I used to be able to spend an hour on the elliptical.

I need to spend some time with a trainer to learn their machines. My first chance for that at my home club will be next Tuesday, so maybe I'll cruise by the local facility and see what their options are.

And I still managed to spend about 30 minutes out in the yard, pulling weeds.

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