On BikeForums.net, N= the number of bicycles a person owns. N+1, then, is a new acquisition. I achieved that today when one of the BFers gave me a bike his wife no longer rides. It's a road bike, complete with drop bars (those curved handlebars that have you hunched over and looking like Igor from Young Frankenstein), and a fancier computer than I had put on Radagast the Beige-and-Black. It's a dark green, somewhere around a '97 or '98, they think, and I'm not sure which model it is. Pics to follow later, after I download them out of the camera. I'd give you a link to the BF threads where the bike is shown, but you have to log in to see any pics. No name yet, though "Kermit," "Vulcan," and "Spock" are under consideration. Please don't even think "Green Monster" in this Angels fan's direction!!! Or maybe "Orion." The test ride ended up being nearly 28 miles, and if it hadn't been for the cold wind coming down the canyon, it might well have been longer. The next step will be more comfortable handlebars (which means new brake levers and cables), a frame pump (and I really should have some kind of portable pump for Radagast), a tail light (at the minimum), a handlebar bag, and another bottle cage. At least some of that will use up the rest of the GC from the bike store. And, of course, a Rat Fink bell.


Melissa M. said...

Congrats on the "new" bike! :-)

BFF-N said...

Seems to me you should name the new bike "Igor". Or is that pronounced, "Eye-gore?"

Darla said...

The Russian pronunciation is closer to "eager." And that's what this bike is.