Happy Valentine's Day!

On Sunday, I rode The Black Pearl from Maxwell Park in Anaheim to the Norwalk Green Line Metro station. Took the Green Line to the Blue Line to the Red Line to the North Hollywood station (where the Red Line ends). Rode the Black Pearl on the Chandler Blvd bike trail to Buena Vista St (about a mile farther than I should have gone!) and then up to Empire St and back to Hollywood Way, to the Marriott across from Burbank airport. All to have David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser autograph two of my Starsky and Hutch DVD sets. And to see, up close, one of the two cars which played the role of Starsky's Torino. Took a picture of The Black Pearl and the car as soon as I arrived, and immediately posted to Facebook. Took some pictures with my camera. Paid the fee, went inside, found the table where DS and PMG (and also Antonio Fargas, who played Huggy Bear, but I didn't get to see him because he was on lunch break), had them sign the DVD boxes (DS on the Season Three box and PMG on the Season 4 box), bought PMG's book Chrystallia, went outside and took some more pictures of the car, with and without the bike. They even had the jacket Hutch wore and the sweater Starsky wore in the pilot (and other episodes).

Headed back down Hollywood Way to the Chandler Bike Trail to the Metro Station. Took the Red Line back downtown, and got on the Blue Line. We got as far as Florence Ave, where we had to stop because there was an accident farther down the line. So I took The Black Pearl for another ride, east on Florence to Alameda, then down Alameda to Imperial Hwy, and east to Long Beach Blvd, where I could get on the Green Line again.

Somewhere along Alameda (or maybe Long Beach Blvd), I hit a nasty bump, heard a metallic crash, but kept on riding, thinking I'd probably hit something metallic, since there are a lot of junkyards along both of those streets. Didn't stop.

It was my camera.

Lost the pictures I took in Santa Ana last weekend at a Queen Anne Victorian that was home (and office) to one of the first women doctors in Orange County. And all the pictures I took Sunday. I'm bummed.

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