Whittier Greenway Ride

Last Sunday, instead of putting my Caps-hockeyfied bike helmet on and riding over to Anaheim Ice to watch the Ducks open training camp, I rode up to Whittier to their nearly new (opened last year) Whittier Greenway multi-use trail. This is an out-of-service rail right-of-way (IIRC, it was purchased from the Union Pacific) which has been paved and planted for use as a pedestrian-cycling-equestrian trail, and runs from just shy of the San Gabriel River Trail on the northwest end to just shy of La Mirada Blvd on the southeast end. There are hopes and plans to try to complete the connection to SGRT (that stretch of land is currently privately owned) and south-eastward into Orange County (that would just rock!).

Here's Orion at the beginning of the trail, on Pioneer Blvd just a little south of Beverly Blvd.

Commemorating the Salt Lake Route, near the old citrus warehouses.
Orion at the far end, at Mills just off of Lambert.

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